8 Ways To Utilise Vegetables Waste -Environmental Management Approach

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Getting your meal portions right is an endless guessing game. When you’re cooking for a family, it’s hard to know how hungry everyone will be, not to mention how much food a new recipe really makes.
Leftovers are inevitable most nights of the week. While they do make excellent lunches the following day, if you have more than you know what to do with, or what to reuse your leftovers to shortcut your way to another meal, then you need to get creative! Be eco-friendly and take care of your environment. Here are some easy ways you can ensure your leftovers never go to waste.

1. Cook Soup
There are not many dishes that couldn’t benefit from a serving of vegetables, but in soup vegetables really shine a second time around. Puree your leftover vegetables into a creamy vegetable soup and heat up over the stove before serving. Don’t forget to season.
2. Last Night Leftover
Consider one day in a week when you will just finish your leftovers only. Instead of wasting vegetable waste. Examine your refrigerator and check all those items that are going to be spoilt in few days then rather than keeping them in refrigerator reheat them and eat again.
Make sure that your leftover day should lie in the middle of the week. Nobody would like to have leftover in the weekend. In case you have just a few leftovers, you can easily adjust them with any other daily meals.
3. Prepare Sandwiches
Check your refrigerator and if you find out some vegetables and roast beef or chicken then rather than serving them again you can prepare some delicious sandwiches with them. Take some mayo and cream, mix them with your leftovers, add a dash of black pepper, also take some corn and spread this mixture between bread slices. You can eat these sandwiches in your lunchtime or serve them as a snack during team time.
4. Smoothie
With fruit leftovers, you can prepare delicious smoothies. check out your refrigerator for those fruits that are going to be spoilt in a few days. Take out them from your fridge and chop them, blend them to make a smoothie. Then add some yogurt and condensed milk in it to enhance its flavors.
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5. Compost
Composting can help to use food scraps in an optimum environmeny friendly way, allowing space and oxygen for food to break down effectively. whether you’re living in an apartment or on a lifestyle block, you can have your own at-home compost.
Worms can convert food waste into worm castings and a nutrient-rich liquid, both which act as quality fertilizers. While cooking, keep a big bowl or container near you to toss any stems, peels and other scraps you plan to keep for compost.
6. Make Frittatas
When you have a bit of everything that you don’t want to waste, make frittatas. They thrive on a mix of exciting ingredients to lift its egg base. To make them, line a cupcake tray with wrappers (or you could make a large frittata in a large pan) and mix together eggs with chopped vegetables (like tomato, onion, and spinach) and cooked meats such as ham or roast chicken.
Pour your mixture into the tray and bake until set on the outside but still slightly gooey on the inside. These mini frittatas are perfect treats for your kids’ lunch box.
7. Tasty Patties
Just like pasta, there always seems to be plenty of rice going to waste. The following night, make yours into tasty patties by mixing with canned tuna and vegetable leftovers, and flavor with spices and a marinade sauce of your choosing. Add eggs and breadcrumbs to bind your patties together and pan-fry them.
This recipe also works great with any kind of grain.
8. Prepare A Pie

Another best way to use your vegetable and meat leftovers is to prepare the pie. Take some white sauce or cheese sauce and add it your vegetables and Just open a pastry lid. You can also add some mashed potato to make it tastier.
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