The White Throated Monkey, All You Need To Know

October 31, 2017 0 By Environment Go!

Hey buddies, today I want to write about this awesome creature that may face extinction soon if proper care is not taken, the white throated monkeys.

It would be heartbreaking waking up a day to hear that these creatures are no more in existence, I personally will drop tears. They are too cool to be missed.

The white throated monkey was initially hunted in large numbers for its special fur but the hunters never considered how the monkey reproduced to sustain its population. A female gives birth to just an offspring before death and this alone is a serious limiting factor.

They exist only in two African countries, Nigeria and Benin.
Their female gives birth to just an offspring.
They are frugivores
They leave on trees in damp areas
They can be found in large groups of up to 30 members, medium group of about 5 members. There males wander alone in most cases.
Their males grow bigger than females.
They are cute.

These animals are one of the reasons why we talk about environmental sustainability. We need to find a way to sustain them so that they don’t go extinct.

Currently the forests where this animals live are preserved, they are Called holy-land. Neither hunting nor logging is allowed there but Still this is not enough, the issue of a female giving birth to just an offspring before death is a threat to their population and possible existence in the future world.

I suggest these animals should be studied properly  to ascertain if there could be anyway man can help make the females deliver more just an offspring before death.

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