6 Affordable Eco-friendly Gifts for Her

There are many gifts out there you can get for your female friend, colleague, wife, grandma, sister, or mom, we’ve put a list of some of these items that are more sustainable and eco-friendly gifts for her. You don’t have to bother or disturb yourself with what to get for that special one in your life.

All you just have to do is to go look at our list because the items we listed here are products that we believe have a positive impact on the environment and are not harmful to the earth instead are genuinely treating mankind with love and making a big difference in the world at large.

6 Affordable Eco-friendly Gifts for Her

Check out the list of eco-friendly gifts you can get for her:

  • Vegan Leather Handbag
  • Sustainable Shoes
  • Ethical Jewelry
  • Gorgeous Sustainable Fashion
  • Organic Robe
  • Natural Body Wash

1. Vegan Leather Handbag

This is one of the eco-friendly gifts for her, most ladies love handbags it makes them look unique. If that special lady in your life happens to be in this category a sustainable bag is recommended for you to get for her.

The material the handbag is made of should not be harmful to the environment. At most, it should be made with eco-friendly materials such as vegan leather, veggie-tanned leather, and plant-based vegan leather.

Vegan Leather Handbag
Vegan Leather Handbag ( Source: Insider)

It helps reduce environmental waste which is why you have to get sustainable handbags, they also last for a long time and are good quality.

The list of brands that produce these handbags is below so you can be made your choice;

  • Madewell The Transport Shoulder Crossbody Bag
  • Tory Burch Mini Nylon Crossbody Bag
  • Indigo and Pastel Pink Striped Alpaca Blend Shoulder Bag – NOVICA
  • Aimee KestenbergBali Double Entry Bag
  • Napa Handbag – Parker Clay
  • Audrey Mini – O My Bag
  • Cleo Convertible Crossbody – Nisolo

2.    Sustainable Shoes

Sustainable shoes are an essential part of creating a more admirable wardrobe, it is included in our list of affordable eco-friendly gifts for her. If your special one happens to be an eco-friendly person, she will prefer one that is not harmful to the environment.

It is very important to check the kind of material used to produce these sustainable shoes. some of these materials used to produce eco-friendly shoes are natural fibers or recycled materials and upcycled.

Natural fibers are materials that are from plants and animals these include flax, eucalyptus, wool, hemp, and organic cotton.

there are lots of brands trying their best to see that it is easier for us to obtain more sustainable, more admirable, lovely designed shoes for the conservatives, maximalists, and amidst everything.

We want to ensure you get the best sustainable shoe as a gift for that your loved one. so, below are some brands that produce good and lasting shoes.

  • Stella McCartney
  •  Rothy’s
  •  The Root Collective
  • Veerah
  •  Deux Mains (Reclaim Collective)
  • Darzah
  • Nisolo
  • ABLE
  • Gorman
  • Jibs,
  • VEJA,
  • Allbirds
  • Cariuma
  • Cocobelle

3. Ethical Jewelry

Ethical jewelry is the preferable gift you can get for that your loved one, most ladies love jewelry because it makes them look more beautiful, if she happens one that falls in the category of ladies that loves jewelry the best you can get is ethical jewelry.

Ethical Jewelry
Ethical Jewelry (The Eco Hub)

When considering ‘ethical jewelry’ meaning there are two significant things that are being looked at traceability and making sure there is no negative impact on the environment it was produced.

The main thing that makes something ethical is dependent on its traceability. so, ethical jewelry depicts jewelry that is traceable at any time and every point although in the process of production.

Making sure it doesn’t have any negative impact on the people who are involved at each production stage and also the environment where it was been produced should be put into consideration when obtaining ethical jewelry.

Just as we have explained initially ethical jewelry means jewelry that is fully traceable to its origin, without any negative impact on the habitat or the environment where it was produced.

This happens to be in our and it is one of the most affordable eco-friendly gifts for her. Here are some of the brands that produce ethical jewelry that you can make your choice from.

  • Mejuri
  • Bario Neal
  • Daria Day
  • SOKO
  • Brilliant Earth
  • Deux Mains
  • Kimber elements
  • Arlokea
  •  Omi Woods
  • Daria Day

4. Gorgeous Sustainable Fashion.

This is one of the eco-friendly gifts for her, seeing that ladies love fashion so much because they love looking their best, and most times the only way they achieve this is through their outfits.

So, their clothing matters to them a lot. some ladies invest a lot in fashion just to ensure they are looking gorgeous. Putting all this into consideration getting your special one a sustainable fashion as a gift for this season is preferable.

Sustainable fashion is clothing or fabrics made from eco-friendly resources, such as recycled materials and sustainably grown fiber crops.

Sustainable clothing involves the use of second-hand retail repair and usually promotes upcycling and recycling of clothing. It also includes how these fabrics are been produced. this kind of clothing or fashion has no negative impact on the environment and habitat.

Sustainable fashion covers everything that has to do with clothing, from the entire procedure in which dress is made to the consumption and disposal; who, what, how, when, where and the expected life span of the product before being disposed of.

The sustainable movement aim at eliminating the large carbon footprint that fast fashion has produced by minimizing the impact fashion has on the environment such as climate change, water pollution, and air pollution.

some of the Brands that produced gorgeous sustainable fashion for ladies that are affordable that you can make your choice from are as follows;

  • Stella McCartney, designer
  • Brøgger
  • Asket
  • Kotn
  • Damson Madder
  • Sézane
  • House of Dagmar
  • Navy grey
  • Pact

5. Organic Robe

Some people think robes are outdated and not important but they are very wrong because a robe is something a lady should have that is why it is included in our list as one of the eco-friendly gifts for her.

A robe is nice for a lady meanwhile bathrobe is usually for a lady’s privacy. It was commonly called a dressing gown initially, the purpose of bathrobes is majorly to cover one’s body within a period especially when one is not fully dressed and stays at home.

Organic Robe
Organic Robe ( Source: the Filter)

For instance, one can wear a bathrobe after a shower or while selecting an outfit to wear. The materials used in producing towels are what were also used in producing bathrobes, they serve as towels as they also.

They are even made of the same materials as towels, robes also help to keep a lady warm and absorb water.

There are just a lot of reasons why you need to get a robe for that special one besides being used for covering up, it makes the body warm and gives comfort when one is not dressed.

For a lady to have a robe means a lot for her as she will always have what is can quickly slip into especially when she is not putting on regular clothes while she is at home.

The best time a lady can wear her robe is as follows;

  • After a shower or bath
  • When choosing a dress for the day
  • During the ironing of clothes
  • Before bed
  • When drinking morning coffee
  • when doing hair or makeup
  • During daily skincare routine
  • On vacation
  • At the pool or beach

Roles that protect the skin from the sun, so if you want to get one for your loved one consider the Organic robe because of its impact on the environment as they are animal friendly and cruelty-free.

Brands that majorly deal with organic robes that you can make your choice from  for your loved one  are below

  • Coyuchi’s Unisex Cloud Loom Organic Robe
  • Waffle Bath Robe
  • Mulberry Silk Robe
  • Parachute
  • Lil Robe

6. Natural Body Wash

A natural body wash is one of the eco-friendly gifts for her and it is an essential gift to get for your loved one as it boosts the skin and makes it to be glowing. This is used for bathing, and it can be in either liquid or bar.

The natural body wash is made with natural ingredients. Organic soaps also use organic natural ingredients. natural body wash or organic soaps that are usually made of oils and blended originate from different plants.

It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins. It is very useful to the hair, human skin, hair, and every part of the body. As it helps the body to grow, live, and stay healthy.

Some natural soaps have other beneficial ingredients, which are, salts, botanical extracts, clays, and essential oils. It is eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

Brands of natural body wash you can consider are below

  •  Elva’s All Natural’s Refillable Natural and Organic Body Wash
  • Bathing Culture Travel Size Natural & Organic Body Wash
  • Weleda’s Aroma Essentials Shower Gel & Creamy Body Washes
  • Impossible Soap by The Detox Market
  • Cocoon Apothecary Bubble Bath


Eco-friendly products are the best product to get when you want to get a gift for your loved one because of their positive impact on the environment. They are not dangerous to the environment at the production stage, consumption, or disposal due to their high levels of natural ingredients and low chemicals. We have made it easier for you here by giving her 5 affordable eco-friendly gifts.

Eco-friendly Gifts for Her – FAQ

Why eco-friendly is important

It can improve the environment by notably reducing waste generation and enhancing the reuse and recycling of waste products. This will help prevent the earth from becoming a large dump yard in the future. the fact is that using eco-friendly products will save the earth and all its inhabitants from the negative effects of human activities.


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