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Innovative ways to improve your farm’s income

Being a farmer comes with its own set of perks, such as having access to fresh fruit and vegetables from your crops or organic meat from your livestock. However, it can be tricky to maintain your income during hard times. Applying for plant and machinery finance when you have a tight budget is difficult and stressful, so if you are […]

What is conservation tillage and is it right for you?

Conservation in the agricultural industry is at an all-time high in recent years, with significant efforts being made to limit the impact of farming on the environment. These efforts include embracing organic farming and biodynamic farming, and implementing tillagepractices such as conservation farming which is also known as ‘no-till’ farming. If you want to look into a more environmentally friendly […]

Best 11 Environmentally Friendly Farming Methods

Best 11 Environmentally Friendly Farming Methods

Environmentally-friendly farming methods simply refers to the farming methods that do not cause harm to the environment, soil or to consumers of farm products, this doesn’t imply that these methods do not accept modern technology; rather it uses only non-harmful protocols which are completely organic. It can further be described as those farming methods that are used to ensure that […]

The benefits of biodynamic farming for small farms

The Benefits of Biodynamic Farming Eco-friendly farming methods have seen a boom in popularity over the years for both small and large farms, with smaller farms preferring these methods over more conventional ones. In this article, we shall be talking about the benefits of biodynamic farming. These methods include no-till and biodynamic farming, with biodynamic meaning being very similar to […]

Tips for livestock farmers during a drought

Farming during a drought is a challenging and stressful time and activity for farmers. It brings about a change in many, if not all, farming processes and calls for innovation and smart farming practices.Luckily, there are ways for farmers to protect their crops and even their livestock during a drought period. This article will be focussed specifically on livestock farmers […]