16 Animals that start with U – See Photos and Videos

We have compiled a comprehensive list of animals that start with u that will amaze you. The list comprises both the animals that are still in existence and the ones that are on extinction.

These animals have captivating facts about them that you need to know which will enable you to comprehend their traits, height, origin, and so on…

I know you are already eager to discover these wonderful animals that start with U. Read through!!!

Animals that Start with U

Uda SheepUssuri white-toothed Shrew Unadorned Rock Wallaby
Uinta Ground SquirrelUnion Jack ButterflyUinta Chipmunk
Uganda KobUmbrellabirdUluguru Violet-Backed Sunbird
UakariUltramarine LorikeetUnau
UguisuUpland SandpiperUkrainian Riding Horse
list of animals that start with U

1. Uda Sheep

Uda Sheep

Uda sheep is the first on this animal that starts with U. This animal is a long-legged African sheep that is mostly seen in countries such as northern Cameroon, Chad, northern Nigeria, and Niger.

The females of this breed are naturally hornless but their males have horns and they are basically bred for their meat for human consumption.

They are just outstanding with their unique looks due to the peculiar markings they have. Usually, the color of the front half of this breed is either black or brown while the back half is white.

Uda sheep is still in existence with a good population across the countries that are found in Africa.

2. Uinta Ground Squirrel

Uinta Ground Squirrel

The next on this list of animals that start with U is the Uinta ground squirrel which is also known as Potgut and Chisler. Is a rodent that originated in the Western United States

The Uinta ground squirrel belongs to the family Sciuridae and they have also been seen in Utah, Wyoming,  Montana, and Idaho.

Their tails are very hairy and the color of their fur is brown-gray and hole up from mid-July to mid-March

The IUCN Red List and other sources didn’t publish the number of the Uinta ground squirrel total population size. Meanwhile, they are said to be Currently, classified as Least Concern (LC) on the IUCN Red List.

3. Uganda Kob

Uganda kob

This is also one of the animals that with start U. the Ugandan Kobs is a genus of kobs that belongs to the antelopes.

This animal is mostly found in regions such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, sub-Saharan Africa, and Uganda. They also dwell in grasslands, floodplains, and savanna woodlands

The Uganda kob is a medium-sized antelope that is not as big as other antelope. It has brown fur that is medium with horns that are medium and ears that are large. 

The Uganda kob is classified as the Least Concern and has a population stable.

4. Uakari


Uakaris are generally named for “New World Monkeys “. They are of the genus Cacajao and of the Family Pitheciidae. Their scientific name which is also known as Cacajao was derived from native languages.

The uakari’s origin is South America though not very popular, these species have bushy fur, short tail, and bald heads. There are four species of uakari which are the bald uakari,  black-headed uakari,  Neblina uakari, and Aracá uakari.

These species are close relatives to the saki monkeys and titi monkeys, they belong to the same family. These New World monkeys happen to break out from the Old World monkeys prior to the evolution of apes from Old World monkeys

It is the bald uakari that is listed as a Vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN, 2020), and also appeared on its Red List of Threatened Species.

5. Uguisu


Uguisu is also known as a Japanese bush warbler belonging to the family Cettiidae that is native to Japan and  Russia and its scientific name is Horornis diphone. It is a small songbird that is mostly heard than seen.

This bird is commonly seen in Northern Philippines, and Japan, and also seen in Taiwan, China, and Korea seasonally. It is a pale brown-grey plumage bird known for its song, which can be heard in springtime.

Uguisu is discrete in nature and loves dwelling in bamboo regions that have sufficient food. It feeds mainly on insects, beetles, grasshoppers, and worms

Uguisu is concerned to be Least Concerned with a Stable population.

6. Ussuri white-toothed Shrew

Ussuri white-toothed Shrew

This is one of the animals that start with U on this list. The white-toothed shrew which is also known as Crocidurinae belongs to the shrew family Soricidae

These are small rodents are found in Northeast Asia and can be commonly seen in China, Korea, and Russia, they prefer to dwell underground which enables them to search for and dig out their food.

The Ussuri white-toothed Shrews are concerned to be Least concerned.

7.  Uaru cichlid 

Uaru cichlid 

Uaru is one of the animals that start with U. Uaru belongs to the Family Cichlidae which is commonly found in the Amazon basins in South America and the Upper Orinoco.

This Fish has a unique color and triangular shape which made it to be very popular over other fish in the Family Cichlidae.

Uaru is in aquariums across the globe and their average lifespan is about 8 to 10 years. Is a very intelligent fish.

This species is not listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

8. Union Jack Butterfly

Union Jack Butterfly

This Union Jack Butterfly is also know as Delias Mysis belongs to the family Pieridae. It is found in northern Australia, Indonesia, Japan, and New Guinea. Union Jack Butterfly made it to this of animals that start U.

The Union Jack Butterfly has a unique color that looks like the British flag and it survives mostly in survive mostly in mangroves, rainforests, and swampland.

This species is not listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

9. Umbrellabird


Umbrellabirds are unique birds with an umbrella-like hood covering their head. This species belongs to the Family of Cotingidae.

Sir Alfred Wallace a companion of Charles Darwin during his tour to South America in the 1800s

It originated in central and South America. It is generally known that the umbrellabird is of three species which are Bare-necked, Amazonian, and Long-wattled.

10. Ultramarine Lorikeet

Ultramarine Lorikeet

The ultramarine lorikeet is one of the most beautiful species of parrot in the family Psittaculidae, native to the Marquesas Islands.

It prefers to dwell in regions like subtropical or tropical moist montane forests subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, and plantations.

These species are not many anymore and are endangered species.

11. Upland Sandpiper

source: wikipedia

The upland sandpiper is also known as Bartram’s sandpiper or Upland plover. It is commonly known as the Papabotte in Louisiana.

It happens to be the only species of the genus Bartramia that has a small dark-crowned head, black-tipped, big dark eyes, black-tipped with bill and legs that are yellow, and also long wings.

Its close relative is the curlews and is the biggest sandpiper. It prefers to live in areas that are open with grasses that are tall so that they can be hidden.

The upland sandpiper is concerned to be the Least Concern and the increasing population

12.  Unadorned Rock Wallaby

 Unadorned Rock Wallaby

The unadorned rock wallaby is a species of the genus of closely related rock wallabies that are commonly seen in Australia’s northeastern Queensland.

It is Plainer and paler than most of its close relatives. It belongs to the Kangaroo family and is energetic

The Unadorned rock wallaby is a marsupial indigenous to Queensland, Australia. Its morphology mirrors that of the Kangaroo family, featuring sturdy hind legs, short arms, and a long tail. They are powerfully agile animals that keep awake at night.

13. Uinta Chipmunk

Uinta Chipmunk

The Uinta chipmunk is an amazing species that are included on this list of animals that start with U. Uinta chipmunk is also known as hidden forest chipmunk which is a Uinta chipmunk is a rodent, and a species of a chipmunk that belongs to the family Sciuridae and it is a native to the United States.

The chipmunk comprises about 25 species, about 24 of the species are commonly found in North America, while the only one that is not found in North America Siberian chipmunk is found in Asia.

The Uinta chipmunk prefers dwelling in forests that are mountainous in the western USA. It feeds on grasses or plants and sometimes insects or carcasses.

The Uinta chipmunk has reddish-brown fur with white stripes around the face and its back. It is not as big as other chipmunks and is medium in size.

Its name was derived from the Uinta Mountains of Wyoming and Utah. This species is considered to be the Least Concern as its population is stable.

14. Uluguru Violet-Backed Sunbird

Uluguru Violet-Backed Sunbir

The Uluguru is one of the animals that start with U. It is a violet-backed sunbird whose scientific name is Anthreptes neglect is a species of bird that belongs to the family Nectariniidae.

It is commonly found in eastern Tanzania and eastern Kenya forests, also, in north-eastern Mozambique and Uluguru Mountains where its name was derived from. It is a species of violet-backed sunbird superspecies.

The Uluguru violet-backed sunbird has a curving bill that is downward and is a perching bird that is very small. It has a decreasing population and is considered as Least Concern.

15. Unau


This is one of the animals that start with U on this list. Unau is also called Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth, Linne’s two-toed sloth, and southern two-toed sloth.

The origin of Unau is South America, has spread to other regions like Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil north of the Amazon Venezuela, and the Guyanas.

The Unau is a very slow species just like other sloths, it is a species that dwells that hangs upside-down on a tree from its branches.

This particular species is considered to be the least concerned and is not endangered, but others of the six sloth are endangered species due to hunting and habitat destruction.

 16. Ukrainian Riding Horse

Ukrainian Riding Horse

The Ukrainian Riding Horse is the last on this list of animals that start with U. It is also known as Ukrainian Saddle Horse, just its name you will know its origin is Ukraine.

This horse is a modern Ukrainian warm-blood sport horse with big bones. It is one of the most intelligent and amiable horses that are still in existence. The Ukrainian Riding Horse population is decreasing.

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We believed you had a great time going through the above list of animals that start with U. I hope you discovered some fascinating facts about some of these animals that start with U that you don’t know before.


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