List of Environmental Movements, Top 6 Most Prominent

The only way the environment can protect itself from human acts that are destroying her is to restore things to their previous state. Humans continue to feel the heat of her acts, therefore this has proven to be insufficient.

Despite this deficiency, some people have been able to launch an environmental campaign that supports an uprising, protest, or movement aimed at returning Earth to its ideal state by spearheading a list of environmental movements


What is an Environmental Movement?

The goal of the environmental movement is to defend the environment against all forms of poison and devastation. It serves as a green flag to increase ecological awareness and protect the environment. The movement prioritized human rights, health, and the environment.

The environmental movement, also known as the ecological movement or the ecology movement, is a broad intellectual, social, and political movement for solving environmental challenges. It also includes green politics and conservation.

The environmental movement is a worldwide one, and different organizations from businesses to grassroots groups are involved in it in different nations. The environmental movement’s objectives aren’t always the same because of its vast membership, diverse and strong convictions, and occasionally speculative character.

Other movements with a more narrow focus, like the climate movement, are also included in the movement. The movement encompasses a wide range of people, including common people, professionals, religious adherents, politicians, scientists, nonprofit organizations, and individual supporters.

An environmental movement is a particular kind of social movement that includes a wide range of people, groups, and coalitions that act to change environmental regulations and practices because they share a concern for the environment.

When civilization started to advance and people started to care about climate change globally, the environmental movement was born.

In a nutshell, this movement is a series of related actions that started as civilization began to advance. People from all around the world started to consider the harm done by the Industrial Revolution or climate change.

Therefore, an environmental movement concentrates on these fundamental ideas:

  • The preservation of the environment.
  • Preventing the extinction of wild creatures.
  • Disagree with any human organization that causes direct harm to nature.
  • Opposition to existing laws that are incompatible with nature.

The rules that environmentalists seek to enact through environmental movements include much more than just these specific elements. Movements for the environment were challenging. Environmentalists and other social organizations had many challenges. In certain instances, these movements involved a large number of political organizations.

Environmentalists support changes in public policy and individual behavior that will lead to the just and sustainable management of resources and stewardship of the environment. The movement is focused on ecology, health, and human rights because it acknowledges that humans are an ally of ecosystems rather than an enemy of them.

Who can start an Environmental Movement?

People shared knowledge thousands of years ago, and many of them realized the need of conserving nature and the ecology. Anyone passionate about the environment can start an environmental movement, but you must first be passionate and driven to see the Earth returned to its original state to do so.

But it’s for our good. To be the leader of an environmental movement, one must possess leadership qualities and the capacity to inspire others to take action.

List of Environmental Movements, Top 6 Most Prominent

Below is a list of 6 most environmental movements of history that shook the world:

  • The Chipko Movement in 1973
  • Climate Strike of 2019
  • Green Movements, Late 19th Century
  • Anti-Nuclear Movements in America, 1970-1980
  • The Earth Day Movement of 1970
  • Danish Environmental Movement in 1969

1. The Chipko Movement in 1973

In India, the Chipko movement is often referred to as the women’s movement. Natural disasters like floods, soil erosion, and landslides destroyed the lives of rural women in India who depend entirely on agricultural production, livestock management, and domestic duties. This cruel circumstance was caused by extensive deforestation.

In 1973, a group of women formed the Chipko movement to stop deforestation. This initiative was successful in halting deforestation and altering women’s natural status in society. The Chamoli district of Uttar Pradesh (now part of Uttarakhand) was the origin of the Chipko movement, which quickly expanded to other Indian areas.

2. Climate Strike of 2019

The recent global environmental movements are collectively known as the “climate strike.” Early in 2019, there were large-scale protests that occurred on significant days and recurred in weekly groups. Among other things, Greta Thunberg’s “Fridays for Futures” protest encouraged millions of schoolchildren all over the world to protest and miss class in support of climate change.

Another unaffiliated group that participated in the climate strike was Extinction Rebellion. Their activities sparked civil disobedience and increased the urgency of discussions about environmental policy.

3. Green Movements, Late 19th Century

What does “green movement” mean? The green movement, then, is a collection of movements that took place in the late 19th century. People throughout the world have been encouraged to favor greenery by active environmentalists.

These movements intended to improve the planet by preventing deforestation, allowing humans and animals to coexist, and encouraging the growth of more trees to stop soil erosion. The green movement also focused on clean water supply and energy sources.

4. Anti-Nuclear Movements in America, 1970-1980

Environmental movements include the American anti-nuclear movement. All forms of nuclear energy are outright opposed by more than 80 anti-nuclear organizations.

These non-governmental organizations forced the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to enact more stringent safety requirements for nuclear power plants, which have postponed the construction of new nuclear facilities. Other nations followed in the footsteps of these anti-nuclear campaigns.

5. The 1970 Earth Day Movement

Earth Day was originally observed on April 22, 1970. Over 20 million people demonstrated against environmental damage on that day in public places all over the country. Oil leaking from Santa Barbara into US waterways was the root of the problem.

People are aware of the terrible consequences of oil in the water. The beauty of that blue marble as seen from orbit contrasted dreadfully with the dismal conditions of Earth as they were aware of them from the ground.

Gaylord Nelson, a senator from Wisconsin, served as the campaign’s leader, and it was approved from a temporary office in Washington, DC. College students primarily led this movement. However, admission to the events was free for all. The civil rights movement and the Earth Day movement both took place at the same time.

6. Danish Environmental Movement in 1969

Founded on March 9th, 1969, NOAH is an environmental group in Denmark. The day NOAH was founded was very important for later environmental initiatives.

Students at Copenhagen University who were initially interested in natural science and studies felt that their school’s research and general politics lacked an environmental viewpoint.

The student council invited numerous former activists, legislators, professors, and journalists through the formerly active student organization NOA. More than a thousand people attended the day of lectures, videos, and performances on the pollution of land, water, and air, according to former campaigners.

A huge auditorium was designated for the main events. The organizers, however, had another idea in mind. They aimed to make the audience feel how the effects of nature can alter human living standards in the future. To accomplish that, organizers erected an artificial beach and piled trash in the hallway.

When everyone was seated, the organizers shut the doors from the outside and lit the trash, quickly filling the room with black smoke. By animating a dead goldfish, dispersing realistically filthy water across the audience, and making a lot of noise, they add realism to the performance.

The NOAH establishing day movement was not just an environmental one. It was an effort to restore to nature the harm we daily inflict upon it.

Other top environmental movements in the history of several regions include.

5-Top Most Environmental Movement in the USA

  • Environmental Justice Movement (in 1980)
  • Rachael Carson’s Movement (in 1962)
  • John Muir’s Movement (in 1903)
  • Green Environment Movement (between 1830-1840)
  • Community Right-to-know Act(1986)

List of Top Most Environmental Movements in Africa

  • The Movement for Ogoni people(1990)
  • Green Belt Movement (1977)
  • The Conservation Movement (1820-1830)
  • Ecology Movement (during the mid-19th century)
  • Environmental Health Movement (in the initial 20th century)

List Of Top Most Environmental Movements in India

  • Bishnoi Movement (Jodhpur) (in 1700)
  • Appiko Movement (another important activism)(1983)
  • Jungle Bachao Movement (To prevent deforestation) (1982)
  • Silent Valley Movement (Probably in UP) (1973)
  • Tehri Dam Conflict (the most violent one) (the 1980s-1990s)

List Of Top Most Environmental Movements in the Middle East 

  • The Conservationists Movement(the 1800s)
  • Setting the United Arab Emirates Wildlife Society & NGOs (2001)
  • Trans-boundary Conservation & Peace Building (2013)
  • Regional Treaties of the Middle East (in the 1970s)
  • Post-war Conservation (after the 2000s)

5-Top List of Environmental Movements in Australia

  • The land care Movement (1986)
  • The Anti-liter Movement (1964)
  • The Rise of Green Movement(the 1860s)
  • Anti-nuclear Movement (1972-73)
  • Major Government Action (2009)

Top 5 List of Environmental Movements in Canada

  • National & Provincial Parks Set up. (after the 1860s)
  • The Enlargement of Environmentalism (in the early 1900s)
  • Conservation Movement (19thcentury)
  • Economy over Environment (1980)
  • Youth Movement in Canada (2019)

5 List of Environmental Movements in the UK

  • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. (1824)
  • The Amenity Movement (between the 1930s-1940s)
  • Voluntary Movements by the National Trust (1926)
  • Protecting Nature’s Balance (1988)
  • Environmental Direct Action Movement (1991)

Top 5 List of Environmental Movements in Germany

  • The Early Environment Movement (in the 19thcentury)
  • Reduce Carbon Emission (2015)
  • The German Environmental Movement (middle of 19thcentury)
  • The German Green Youth Movement (1994)
  • German Anti-Nuclear Movement (the 1960s-1970s)


The world needs more environmental movements and much more actions being taken to bring about environmental sustainability.

List of Environmental Movements, Top 6 Most Prominent – FAQs

What is the biggest environmental movement?

Clearly, the climate movement has been the biggest environmental movement in human history

How many types of environmental movements are there?

There are other subcommunities within the environmental movement that have emerged with various methodologies and beliefs in other regions of the world. One of the following categories best describes environmentalists:

  • Climate Activists
  • Conservationists
  • Environmental Defenders
  • Green Parties
  • Water Protectors
  • Individual and Political Action
  • Environmental Grassroots Activism
  • Eco-terrorism


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