10 Entry-Level Jobs with Environmental Science Degree

If you are wondering what can you do with an environmental science degree or asking yourself if environmental science is in demand, then you have come to the right place. This article provides answers and serves as a guide to entry-level jobs with environmental science degrees.

The global pandemic has, unfortunately, brought about a lot of job uncertainty in many areas of the economy. However, there are some great opportunities for people to get into the green and renewable sectors as they are still in their infancy.

For many parts of the environmental economy, there are opportunities similar to the early days of the Internet in the 90s. Probably due to a complete career change, you start an entry-level job, and there are some significant opportunities ahead.

This led us to make some strategic research on some job opportunities in environmental science under the entry-level category.

Entry-Level Jobs with Environmental Science Degree

10 Entry-Level Jobs with Environmental Science Degree

Discussed below are entry-level jobs you can undertake with an environmental science degree.

  • Environmental Science
  • Environmental Planner
  • Geologist
  • Environmental Health Specialist
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Wildlife and Fisheries Biologists
  • Hydrologist
  • Natural Resource Scientist
  • Environmental Laboratory Technician
  • Conservation Scientist

1. Environmental Scientist

Environment Scientists can work in several organizations with the primary duty of determining the potential effects of activities (human and natural)  on the environment or ecosystem.

They conduct field experiments and obtain samples from the soil and natural water sources to test quality. They also research climate change and how it affects the Earth.

The Environmental Scientist job categorically involves a combination of project planning in an office setting as well as fieldwork to assess different environmental impacts.

This job serves as an excellent opportunity for anyone that may have gone to college full or part-time to gain a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, Ecology, biology, or environmental management. The average annual salary in this profession is about $73,230.

2. Environmental Planner

Environmental planners work to ensure that construction projects don’t negatively affect the environment. This profession involves researching and solving environmental concerns for different types of projects, as well as researching and ensuring strict adherence to environmental documents and regulations.

Environmental planners review plan blueprints or proposals and meet with contractors to agree on alternative building materials or practices. They are majorly focused on sustainability. They are sometimes seen to collaborate on green building projects to promote sustainability.

Environmental planning is an entry-level job with a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences or a related field. The average annual salary of Environmental planners is about $76,693

3. Geologist

Geologists study rock formations to develop valuable insights into the earth’s history, pollution factors, and natural groundwater resources. They observe the processes and movements of the Earth itself and conduct tests to ascertain the likelihood of certain natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, floods landslides, or earthquakes.

This job often involves close work with construction projects, energy, or the mining of resources. As a result, there is a mix of field and lab work to analyze data samples to know the potential environmental impact of a project.  

To become a geologist, individuals need to earn a bachelor’s degree in geology or environmental science. Entry-level environmental job is available as a geologist. The average annual salary of a geologist is about $72,046.

4. Environmental Health Specialist

Environmental health specialist has a variety of job responsibilities which ranges from safety in the industries to environmental emergency response. It is quite a specialized role that requires technical expertise in how work environments interact with employees and the general public from a health perspective.

For example, environmental health specialists review environmental factors and air quality that could impact worker safety. 

Environmental health specialist has an average annual salary of $80,353. To qualify for this role one must earn a bachelor’s degree in an area like public health, biology, or environmental science.

5. Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineers improve public health by overseeing waste and pollution control policies. It involves making sure that all business processes and reports are fully compliant with environmental regulations.

Environmental engineers routinely test air quality, water resources, and industrial equipment to ensure standards are met and maintained. 

Environmental engineers earn an average annual of Salary $87,620. At a minimum, companies require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in an engineering field or Environmental Sciences.

6. Wildlife and Fisheries Biologists

Biologists play an essential role in researching specific areas for any potential impact from air, water, and even sound pollution.

All types of industrial and construction projects end up requiring wildlife assessments, especially when new ones involve expansions into previously untouched parts of nature.

7. Hydrologist

Hydrology is another of the many high-paying environmental jobs that are seeing an increase in demand. Hydrologists study the movement of water, its distribution, and its impact on the surrounding environment.  

Hydrologists often have to split their time between lab work and field investigations making the career a challenging one. They regularly evaluate chemical and temperature changes in bodies of water and routinely identify and test for pollutants.

They generally look out for the overall water quality. They play an important role in keeping our waterways clean and safe. Hydrologists play a key role in solving water problems concerning quality and availability, with a generous paycheck to account for the trouble.

Further, aside from water problems, hydrologists have a role in flow operations, overseeing educational and outreach programs, and data analysis. They earn an average annual Salary of $79,370. Though an entry-level job, most hydrologists will need a graduate degree in the natural sciences.

8. Natural Resource Scientist

This role is a great opportunity for anyone with a high school diploma since it provides direct access to specific scientific areas to better understand what’s involved.

For anyone uncertain about what area to get into from a college perspective, this is an ideal way to sample the jobs involved for a closer look.

9. Environmental Laboratory Technician

This job involves a lot of work on analyzing samples collected from the field. The laboratory technicians conduct experiments and collect data to address various environmental issues. This job may require travel to collect data from different locations.

This is one of the best jobs for environmental science majors looking for an entry-level position. You can start working in many environmental lab tech positions after earning an associate’s degree.

The lab technicians often work alongside environmental scientists and engineers to solve current environmental issues and prevent future ones.

10. Conservation Scientist

Conservation scientists play a key role in protecting the earth’s natural resources by performing tasks like evaluating the quality of soil or water and making sure foresting activities follow conservation laws and regulations.

Their major role also involves suppressing fires and evaluating fire damage, which has increased as climate change intensifies. Conservation scientists earn an average annual Salary of $64,010. It is an entry-level job with an educational requirement of a Bachelor’s degree in fire science, agricultural science, or forestry.


From your quick survey above, it should be clear that there is no shortage of entry-level environmental jobs available for all educational and skill levels.

Therefore, you have to choose a job title that matches your interests to get your foot on the ladder and you possibly plan how to best gain the necessary qualifications.


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