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The benefits of biodynamic farming for small farms

The Benefits of Biodynamic Farming Eco-friendly farming methods have seen a boom in popularity over the years for both small and large farms, with smaller farms preferring these methods over more conventional ones. In this article, we shall be talking about the benefits of biodynamic farming. These methods include no-till and biodynamic farming, with biodynamic meaning being very similar to […]

Proper Land Cultivation is Environmetal Friendly

What qualifies as cultivated land In farming, there are certain things that are absolutely necessary in order to run and maintain a successful business. And having an area of land is rather important when wanting to start a farm. Then again, it’s not always as simple as just having a large plot of any old land. Is it? What’s the […]

Climate Justice Scholarship For Only Environmental Students

The Sargent Firm’s injury attorneys are strongly dedicated to helping people and advocating for them through difficult times. We are passionate in our commitment to our community and do our best to support many civic, philanthropic, and artistic causes. Our legal team feels one of the best ways to serve our community is by empowering young people by assisting them whenever possible […]

Go Green: Tips For An Eco-friendly Small Farm

If you have a small farm, it is easy to implement eco-friendly practices. You will be able to save yourself money and the environment by using techniques such as no-till farming and natural animal grazing. While you should still use the feed mixers South Africa has to offer to keep your animals fed and healthy, you can eliminate the need […]

Tips for livestock farmers during a drought

Farming during a drought is a challenging and stressful time and activity for farmers. It brings about a change in many, if not all, farming processes and calls for innovation and smart farming practices.Luckily, there are ways for farmers to protect their crops and even their livestock during a drought period. This article will be focussed specifically on livestock farmers […]

Free Scholarships For Nigerians to study in the UK

Dear Environment lovers, we’ve got a good package for those of you in Africa and in Nigeria mostly. You can apply for these opportunities to study abroad but while you are there, remember to live the life of an environmentalist! Free Scholarships For Nigerians to study in the UK 1) The University of Sheffield offers a large variety of scholarships in different […]

Five Scary Environmental Problem And Solutions You Need To Know

Indeed the world in general is depreciating in terms of environmental safety and if nothing is done to rescue this situation then we may put an end to the world by ourselves and not wait for rapture to do so.These are the five biggest environmental problems of our time and their possible solutions. Lets hook here and work out the […]

Effects Of Poor Sanitation On The Environment

You want to know about the effects of poor sanitation on the environment ? That way the armpit smells when you dodge taking your birth, that’s the effect of poor body hygiene or poor body management so relate it same way to the environment. When we fail to sanitize the environment properly, it fires back and we suffer the consequences. […]

What Is Environment Sanitation ? See All You Should Know

What Is Environment Sanitation ? what do you really see as Environment Sanitation ? keeping the environment neat or managing waste properly or some other thing? Hang on as I take you deeper on what Environment Sanitation really means. What Is Environment Sanitation ? See All You Should Know According to oregonlaws.org, Environmental sanitation means the art and science of applying sanitary, biological and […]

Scholarship In Environmental Engineering Abroad

Hey dear environment lover, I will be talking about Scholarship In Environmental Engineering Abroad and how to apply and get them. I believe people are now building interest on environmental management, safety and sustenance so I have been researching on Scholarships In Environmental Engineering Abroad to help interested environment lovers who cannot afford study fees hit their dream course. Scholarship In Environmental […]